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Dog Carrot Patch

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Perfect gift for high-energy dogs!

Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours on End !

✔️ The soil part is removable and machine washable

✔️ Tire out high energy dogs indoor

✔️ Easy way to keep dogs mentally stimulated

✔️ For small & big dogs

✔️ Hours & hours of fun

Product Details:

13.7'' x 13.7'' | 35cm x 35cm

 🥕 For small & big dogs 

🥕 The soil part is removable and machine washable. Zipper at the bottom.

🥕  Material: Polyester

Tire out high-energy dogs indoor quickly

Struggle to control your dog's energy? Sniffing and mental stimulation can effectively wear out high-energy dogs.

Simply hide treats in the soil, and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.


Effortlessly keep dogs active physically & mentally

It is extremely important to keep dogs active physically and mentally. This toy does just that.
Search and hunt; Hide and seek. Finally let your dog use their natural desire to hunt.

Funny Dog Puzzle Toys

This carrot dog toys can not only be a toy that consumes energy and relieves boredom, but also can be used as a snuffle mat, hiding the dog food under the carrot, training the dog's sense of smell and improve food-seeking skills.

No more bored dogs with behavioral issues

Play is the key to a dog's happiness. Designed to put dogs' nose and brain to work! Just hours and hours of fun!

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Will my dog like the Carrot Toy ?

✔️ Dogs love treats. Simply hide treats in the soil, and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.

 Can my large dog play with this?

✔️ Yes of course. It's for dogs all sizes. Check out our reviews and you will see dogs all sizes enjoy playing the Carrot Toy .

Is this washable?

Absolutely! The soil part has a zipper at the bottom that you can just throw in the washer.


Dog Carrot Patch

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